An Elementary Friend

Fito, or Frito, as I’d call you…it’s been so long since I had heard from you. Back in Elementary school, I’d spend my days over at your house. Whether it was spent doing work, playing Xbox, or being bugged by your little sisters, it was always a good time. Sadly, we lost touch between then and now and as you can imagine, I regret it. You were a great friend to me and for the first news of you to be this is a tough pill to swallow. I had always wondered what happened to you but never made the effort to look you up. It’s great to find out that you served for your country and it seemed like things were going great for you. May you rest in peace and may we both meet again soon.

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One of the most sincere people I have ever met. His sincerity is a quality that is rare in others and always left me in awe. He unwillingly taught me how to open up and talk from the heart. He was so real. The most special and poetic person that has ever walked into my life. He brought me lasting memories for a lifetime. He marks my heart forever. I thought I would be able to hold you again. There are so many things I wish we would have talked out. I’ll wait whatever it takes till I finally meet you again. You will never be replaced. I regret nothing between us. I’m fortunate to have had you. My first. You are so special. Rest in peace Adolfo I love you always.

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Rest in Peace, Fito

IMG_3229Though I heard stories about you over the past six years, I only met you and got to know you over the last two. Through George, you became a cousin to me too. I was so happy to watch you and George begin to rebuild a relationship and get to know each other as grown men.

I’m so glad you got to spend a weekend with us in September and that we got to talk with you and get to know you well. You got us out and having a good time, which we needed more than we tend to admit. You were “that guy” in the front row at the comedy club egging everyone on and getting us all called out by the comedians. You had us laughing and having fun all weekend. You were so appreciative for the little things, the curry I made, Gunther’s ice cream, and after you’d left I found the sheets we’d laid out for you nicely folded and stacked.

I inherited George’s “big cousin” protectiveness of you, even though we’re just about the same age, and we’d worry about you all the time – I can’t even imagine what it must be like to readjust after a tour. But we never imagined something like this would happen. My heart aches for what happened to you and for our family, which has lost a loving, loyal, fun, and compassionate brother, cousin, nephew, and son. I’ll miss the texts you’d always send George when you heard we were coming down, I’ll miss our conversations, I’ll miss watching you and your sisters and brother dancing together and having fun at family get-togethers, I’ll miss the thought that someday in the near future you’d DJ our wedding and find a job you loved and maybe go back to school too.

You were such a loyal friend and cousin, and you cared for your family in a way that many of us can’t fully appreciate or comprehend. We will never forget you. Rest in peace, cousin.

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